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The Short Story

About Hard Target Living 

Hard Target Living (HTL) is a privately developed, first-of-its-kind violence prevention curriculum designed specifically for the general  "civilian" population.  Based on field-proven, professional principles of risk management and threat assessment, HTL programs can be scaled and adjusted to accommodate the learning styles and needs of individuals and communities nationwide.   


The HTL mission is to empower individuals of any age or physical condition with the ability to independently reduce their risk of harm from threats of any kind by adopting safe habits based on proven principles of risk management in much the same way individuals are empowered to independently reduce their risk of developing disease by learning about and adopting healthy habits based on professional principles of nutrition.


The HTL vision is to reduce violent crime and save the nation billions of dollars in crime victimization costs by contributing to the establishment of a society and culture that encourages and emphasizes proactive,  independent application of risk management principles, beginning in childhood, thus reducing the number of available "soft targets" a criminal has to choose from at any given time. 

Children Embracing in Circle
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