Let Us Assist

Get Peace of Mind.

If you have concerns about neighborhood crime but aren't certain you should call police; If you feel fear when you hear about targeted school violence; If you worry about your daughter or son's safety as they head off to college - we have information to ease your mind and put you in control.

Sometimes, circumstances raise safety concerns within a community, but nobody feels they have the knowledge to independently assess potential danger, nor the language to even explain what is causing their concern. As a result, individuals question whether they have a legitimate safety concern at all.  

HTL founder Donna Miles, M.S. offers a one-time, complimentary phone consultation of up to 30-minutes, for any individual, business, community group, church or school with safety concerns or questions.

Get Empowered.

Empower your neighborhood, school, business organization, social club, or even a large family, with the knowledge and skills to live a measurably safer, more empowered life. 

Who Should Book A Workshop?

* Individuals in charge of neighborhood or community block watch groups.

* Small business owners seeking to improve safety practices for staff and provide an added benefit to customers.

* Community leaders wishing to create safer communities, cities, states, and ultimately, a safer nation.

* Administrators of schools who are not content to count on "Run/Hide/Fight" type programs to protect students, staff, or faculty from targeted school violence any longer.

* Any person with a group of 15 or more people they care about, who want to be empowered with knowledge to independently assess and manage their own personal safety.

Protect Your Business, Staff, & Customers;  Reduce Liability.


Get management and staff on the same page using consistent, pro-active risk reduction practices in the workplace. HTL develops customized safety programs to formally establish and train company SOPs for safety practices related to human caused threats. 

Our customized strategic safety programs give management and staff real-time opportunities to practice safety strategies through role-play, scenario based training.  

Providing a written manual of the safety training to each employee further enhances learning and adherence to the trained and established safety policies and provides evidence of the established safety SOPs in the case of an insurance claim.

Incorporate the HTL Curriculum Into Your Existing Self-Defense Program.

If you've been teaching self-defense or martial arts for some time, but wish you could expand your services to offer education and skill building for those seeking a non-physical approach to improving personal safety and security, please contact us to discuss the process for becoming a certified HTL Instructor.