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In response to surviving a violent home invasion, Donna Miles embarked on what would become a decade long journey to recover her lost peace of mind. Her 10-year odyssey included high-level training in various defensive tactics including use of firearms, edged-weapons, stick-fighting, hands as weapons, and more.


She transitioned from never holding a firearm, to becoming a nationally certified defensive and tactical handgun instructor with thousands of hours of training and experience. She achieved a level of skill equal to or greater than many active-duty police officers in terms of speed and accuracy firing a handgun. Her goal? To have skills that would enable her to quickly and decisively neutralize a threat the "next time" she was attacked.

During the course of her defensive tactics training, Donna was introduced to the Executive Protection industry (EP), the professional course of study undertaken by those seeking work protecting high-profile individuals from harm.


Furthering her unintended and unusual education, Donna enrolled in some of the top-ranked EP training programs in the nation earning a Virginia State Certification to provide armed protective services in the process.  Though she ultimately chose not to work as an EP agent, the professional principles of protection she was introduced to would forever shift her perspective on best approaches to personal safety and security. 

The Hard Target Living curriculum evolved out of Donna's observation of the disparity between professional protectors' approach to protecting "famous/important" people, and the "run/hide/fight" options for safety offered to the "rest of us."   She noticed that, contrary to focusing primarily on practicing physical responses to launched assaults, EP agents (as well as other professional protectors such as police and military) focus first on arranging their activities to strategically repel criminals from getting close enough to cause harm in the first place.  


Fighting back, or running and hiding are NOT primary options counted on by professional protectors for managing safety, rather, they make themselves difficult or "Hard Targets" for any potential threat to get close enough to cause any harm. The reality is, defensive tactics of any sort only provide able-body individuals with a means to respond to violence in the moment of an attack, but do not give people skills to prevent or repel a criminal assault in the first place. 

If not for her educational background and work as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Donna might have become just another self-defense instructor, adhering to the traditional, response-based approach to personal safety she initially embarked upon herself. Fortunately, her education and previous work as an SLP, combined with her experience devoted to the work and study of the professional principles of personal safety, gave her a unique combination of skills to do more.  Drawing from her experience teaching children and supporting their families in the public school setting, and her experience teaching adults at the University of Washington SLP graduate program, Donna developed a comprehensive personal safety and protection curriculum which can be scaled and customized to accommodate the learning needs of individuals and communities nationwide. 

HTL Consulting exists to advise, consult, speak on, and design customized training programs and experiences for the "rest of us" based on the same professional principles for protection provided to the rich and famous. These HTL principles of safety are simple for anyone to learn regardless of age or physical ability and yet, have the power to significantly reduce every individual's risk for encountering criminal victimization or targeted violence.

Physical defensive tactics, less-lethal self-defense tools, and lethal weapons give trained, able-bodied individuals a method to respond to violence once it has begun; the HTL approach to personal safety provides safety, security and peace of mind for individuals of all ages and physical ability. 



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Donna M. Miles, M.S.

President/HTL Creator

F.J. Miles

Vice President/DT Program Creator

Donna Miles used her horrific experience to learn life saving information she wouldn't have known existed otherwise. She is determined to make that information available to the entire nation in the same way nutritional information is currently available. 

The HTL curriculum is the culmination of 2-years of dedicated content creation, translating 11 years of direct training, work and research into teachable concepts the average person can understand and apply to their daily lives. 

Donna believes teaching all individuals the Hard Target Living basic principles of safety beginning in childhood, will measurably decrease crime against innocent victims and save the nation billions of dollars in the process. 

F J Miles is a 32-year veteran police officer with Seattle PD. He is a 12-year Master Instructor for SPD in Defensive Tactics.  Officer Miles has trained hundreds of law officers including FBI, CIA and SWAT as well as civilians in defensive, lethal and non-lethal tactics. He also has extensive training and experience in firearms, crisis intervention, explosives, tactical driving, and terrorist response.

In addition to his service to the public, Officer Miles provided discreet, high-level personal protection for a Saudi Prince and other high-profile clients, ensuring the safety and security of his clients and their entourages in both private and public settings.