HTL Consulting

Safety, Security & Peace of Mind for Turbulent Times 

Donna Miles, the founder and president of HTL Consulting, presents to, educates, and advises large and small companies, private and public schools, churches, professional and business organizations, and all levels of government, on methods for implementing the Hard Target Living curriculum into their organizations, communities, and schools. 

The HTL program is a comprehensive, privately developed, data-driven and science-informed  personal safety curriculum, with the power to meaningfully increase safety for all individuals and by extension, improve public safety within  communities, cities and states, and save the nation billions of dollars in the process.

The curriculum is based on the same professional principles of protection and personal safety used by Secret Service agents, police officers, and active duty military, to maintain their own safety and to protect others, while working in high-risk environments. These principles, proven to be effective for centuries, have been translated into easy to understand language for individuals without any safety or security knowledge.  

Unlike "active shooter training" or any self-defense training, both of which apply response-to-violence approaches to managing safety, the HTL curriculum focuses on empowering individuals, beginning in childhood, with the knowledge and skills necessary to independently assess and maintain their personal safety in all situations, not only a single, unlikely event, like a mass shooting.